Providing innovative and effective consultancy services to the railway industry with focus on Rail Life Optimization

Train wheels are made of high strenth steel and require very little energy to roll on steel rails.
Due to the low rolling resistance of train wheels trains are one of the most energy efficient means of transport for both freight and passengers. Due to the often high contact stresses between wheel and rail, rails are subject to wear and rolling contact fatigue damage.

RailManagement’s team of experts has extensive experience and technical know.how in investigating and providing practical solutions for a variety of wheel-rail related issues such as noise and vibrations, wheel-rail wear, rolling contact fatigue defects and rail corrugation.

Range of services:

  • Noise and vibration monitoring
  • Noise and vibration reduction methods
  • Corrugation investigation
  • Rail defect management
  • Rolling contact fatigue investigation
  • Rail maintenance strategies
  • Track and vehicle noise assessment
  • Planning and quality control of rail reprofiling works
  • Surveys of corrugation
  • Surveys of rail wear and profiles
  • Surveys of rail defects (squats, studs etc.)

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